who are you?

I’m a twenty-something music blogger.

what do you look like?

A person, with girl bits, my tastes, and a big musically oriented brain. Anything else?

why only write about female artists?

I write about female artists because males already have enough press. Needed a break and girls rock.

who reads this?

Anyone who has a decent internet connection. It’s not like I get off on hiding my music tastes. If you like what I put up, great, enjoy and ready away.

can I submit artist suggestions?

Sure. Every month I’ll try to put up a post for suggestions. I don’t know every female artist out there so I’m always down to hear about hidden gems, up in coming ladies, and tried and true songbirds. Keep me in the loop, thanks!

do you make music?

Yes I do.

can you share it?

Maybe in the future but this blog is not for my music.


have more questions? send them my way.




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